I am so excited to announce that Jacob Chance’s Quake Duet Box Set will be available August 11th!!! Until then check out the HOT NEW COVER!!

   The QUAKE Duet Box Set


   Jacob Chance

   Cover Designer: Jessica Hildreth

   Release Date: August 11th

   Genre: Contemporary/Romantic Suspense

Hosted By:    Chance Promotions



   From the first moment I saw Janny Moore’s sparkling eyes and luminous
   smile, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of getting to know her…


   She’s everything I need in my life, now I just have to convince her.

   She’s never set eyes on me, she has no idea I exist…

   but she will.

   The Quake Duet Box Set features exclusive bonus content and the first four
   chapters of Canvas, which releases on September 22nd.


   You can find all of Jacob Chance’s book on  Amazon

   Author Links:

| Instagram |Twitter INewsletter I    Bookbub

Spoiled by Chance Reader’s Group


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