My Weekend Thoughts….

This week seemed to be a busy one for posting blog reviews, release blitzes, and amazing giveaways! Happy Book Birthday to all the authors that released new books this last week!

Time Management….

Balancing life and work has always been a personal challenge. There were times that I felt like I was pulled in every direction all at once. I am a huge people pleaser. I could never say no to extra projects to help someone out, or decline a review request because I knew I have just enough time to squeeze it in when the book released.  I never would have any down time. Day to day schedule was to get my kids to school, go to work, come home work some more on my blog/reviews, and if I was really lucky squeeze in an hour to work out.  I never had any time for ME!

I finally realized that it was okay to push back just a little bit. I can not be at a dozen places at once, and I needed to have some family time. So what do I do now? I organize. Organization and making a schedule helps me so much. I now can look at my review schedules and be able to see what I can do to support the authors. I went from reading almost 30 books a month to about 15. Which I am still working on reducing the load of reviews. 

Life has been better though. I can take a day or two off here and there. Moral of my story, life is too short! You need to balance work and life. Especially those who have small kids that need their parents to stay active. If any other bloggers/authors have any other suggestions with time management, please feel free and share best practices! This weekend I was able to celebrate my youngest sons 7th birthday. It felt great stepping away from the computer for a few hours. 

Happy Reading friends! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

XoXo – Crystal




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