I read Mickey Miller’s Mechanic with Benefits and loved it of course! I have been reading Mickey Miller’s books from day one! I have to say he is killing it in the Romance genre!! Get your copy today while it is still on sale for only 99 pennies!! It’s only for a limited time!!!

Crystal’s Book World Blog Review: 

5 Stars!!!

Oh wow! Liam and Haley are the hottest couple yet! They make your screen sizzle, you heart beats faster, and you get that adrenaline rush when these two get hot and heavy!!! I started the book and within the first couple of chapters, I was addicted. Mechanic with Benefits gets you craving more. More lust, more drama, and more commands to do what Liam wants you to do! This series is killing it for my summer read.

Mechanic with Benefits is not only one of the sexiest books I have read so far, but it also has your head spinning with all these little secrets that come out within the story. Haley is a complete bad ass! I love that she can let go and give into what her body demands. Liam is a controlling a*hole but he will work his way to get under your skin.

The small town of Blackwell is a place I would not mind visiting!  I did not expect the series to get better as each book comes out and we are only on book 2!!! Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Blackwell!  Where the men demand control, while the woman stay feisty. You will love the characters and will not want to put your kindle down. Mickey Miller is a great author who knows how to make Romance a whole lot better with the extra spice he adds to his books! Mechanic with Benefits is a must read!



How to find a wedding date at the last second:

1) Overheat your car on your cross country road trip
2) Make sure it’s storming
3) Have a one night stand with the sexiest mechanic you’ve ever seen
Liam is the perfect rebound to bring to my sister’s wedding.
And with my car still on the fritz, it can’t hurt to have a sexy mechanic along for the ride, right?
I’m not looking for anything serious. Not after my last horrible breakup.
Besides, Liam is such a cocky jerk. I can barely stand listening to him. Although I love looking at his handsome face and ripped, gorgeous body.
The man works well with his hands, and he’s great at running his mouth, too.
I can’t trust this arrogant mechanic. But maybe I’ll let him have another ride.

I’m a F*cking asshole and I know it.
And you know what? I don’t give a sh*t.
But one look at Haley turns me into a steel rod.
She wants me along for the ride. Luckily, I’m always up for an adventure.
I’ll say whatever she wants to her family if it means I get another night tasting that sweet honey nectar of hers.
There’s just one problem. Our fake relationship is starting to feel all too real.
I want to bring Haley back to Blackwell with me.
Now I just have to convince her…

**Mechanic with Benefits is a steamy contemporary romance standalone with an HEA. A bonus novel is also included for your reading pleasure!**

Buy the Book: 

$.99 for a limited time!!! Available through Kindle Unlimited!


Sexy young couple kissing and playing in bed.


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