#NewRelease #Shameless *** I just finished reading Shameless by Lisa Renee Jones, Book Two in the White Lies Duet! It’s almost a week that it has been out and if you have not purchased this book, what are you waiting for? If you are a long time fan or a new one, you will love this series! My blog review is below <3

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Shameless had me speechless! You get everything thrown at you all at once. Shameless is power, controlling, and holds on to you like a pair of vice grips! Nick ,”Tiger”, is brought to his knees in Shameless and Faith grows from book one. Remember you need to read Provocative first! You will start from where book one ends. I also say that Nick will lose a lot of control with Faith, except in the bedroom. Those scenes are hot and Nick will have you begging for more!

This book was written to perfection. I can see why Lisa made sure she took her time to write this book until it was almost release day. She could have not done it better! There are flashback scenes that she recaps perfectly. You see through these characters thoughts, and their emotions become your emotions. I was thrilled and screaming like a crazed fan girl when Chris and Sara were included in the story. And not just for a short visit, oh no! You get more. 

I love revisiting old characters from the Inside Out series. I was happy that the White Lies Duet entwined with the series, but it also stood out on its own. I mean come on, this Nick “fucking” Rogers we are talking about. So of course he is going to rip this story out and make it his! Faith surprised me as she was coming into herself. She finally stands on her own even with Nick by her side. The White Lies Duet was one of my favorite reads and it can be yours too! I love all of the characters as they have a huge place in my heart since the Inside Out series started. Every facet, every piece they bring to a reader, you will feel like you are part of something more!


Print is available for pre-order and Audio is coming soon!

Book one, PROVOCATIVE is only 99 cents right now ➜ http://lisareneejones.com/duet


The second and final book in the sexy and tantalizing White Lies Duet from New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Renee Jones.

Nick “Tiger” Rogers, sought out Faith Winter with revenge as his agenda. He made her his obsession. He seduced her. He made her want him. He made her trust him. And then he trusted her. He wanted her. He loved her. 
But now, the lies will be exposed, the truth revealed. 
Hearts will be broken. Lives shattered.
Nick. Faith. 
The truth. The passion. 
The SHAMELESS obsession.


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