My first Weekend Thoughts!!! My confession: Why I started a blog…the #uglytruth.

Hey Romance Book Lovers!

It is a beautiful Saturday today and I was thinking it is time to start adding a personal touch to my blog! I am constantly posting Blitz and Book info, but never a personal message from myself! Well my friends that is changing today 😉

Let’s talk about….well blogging! I got into blogging last year in September. That is right! Crystal’s Book World is almost a year old! OMGEEEE. This year flew by fast. So what is the REAL reason I started to blog? Well I am embarrassed to say it was all to get “free books”…yes #bloggerfail. In reality I had no clue what I was trying to get into and just had a passion for reading. What I did not realize was the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into maintaining a successful blog. After my first month in, I knew that this was not all about just getting “free books” and leave a quick review. I wanted more! I started to build relationships with authors, PA’s, and promotional companies. I learned fast that they were not always willing to give you an advanced copy of the latest and hottest book. You have to work for it! Yes I still get the sad puppy eye face when I am denied a copy. But that is not important anymore. I want the world to know what is out there in our Romance community! 

I realized this is not about the “free books” anymore. I wanted to be part of the Romance genre family and learn more. Speaking and working with authors, I saw how hard it is to get their book out in the Romance world. This genre is very popular and there is a book about everything. I spoke with upcoming authors who were so scared that everyone was going to hate their debut book because it was different than what we are use to. Different is good and I made damn sure to shout it out to the world when I read it and loved their work. 

So how do I pay it forward now? I love hosting giveaways, promoting the authors work with cover reveals and release blitz. I spend hours on my laptop making sure I am scheduling posts for the upcoming week. I can honestly say that my blog is here for the authors! I want to be their extended voice. I want to show the hard work and sleepless hours they had to endure on Release week. This Blog is dedicated to them!

I no longer read just for my own personal pleasure. I get up everyday and think to myself, “What can I do to help the Romance community today”. I am still small and have about 400 followers across the board (social media & website combined). Even if I only had one follower, I at least have one person listening. So thank you to all my followers! I appreciate your likes, shares, and comments from the bottom of my heart <3. To my fellow bloggers, I appreciate all the hard work you all do everyday! Blogging is not easy. It can take us away from our families, friends, and life at times. THANK YOU ❤

I hope you are all having a great weekend! I will be sharing my thoughts once a week and it will of course be during the weekend when my work load is not so heavy! If you have not seen it yet, I am hosting an Amazon e-book giveaway! Check out my blog giveaway page and enter!

Happy Reading Friends,

XoXo Crystal 


2 thoughts on “My first Weekend Thoughts!!! My confession: Why I started a blog…the #uglytruth.

  1. Aw, Crystal. There’s noting “ugly” about your reason for starting a blog. If you read a book and leave a review, then you’re not getting a free book, you’re doing a wonderful thing for an author.
    May your bookshelf runneth over and may your blog be a great success.
    If there’s anything in my list that appeals, let me know.
    Hugs from New Zealand

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