Okay book lovers, I just read an advanced copy of Kenzie McLaughlin’s debut novel, Wail. This book will be releasing on June 10th!!! If you need a break from the Romance genre, this may be your next read to add on your TBR. Check out the cover and blurb below..XoXo Crystal

Wail - 3D.png

Book Title: Wail 

Author: Kenzie McLaughlin

Cover Designed by Damonza.com

Release Date: July 10th, 2017


Wail is a story of friendship and death. Not necessarily in that order.

Clotilde never asked to become a wailing woman, forever twenty and compelled to wash the bloody clothes of the dying. Being undead gave her the courage to fulfil her dream of escaping rural Scotland to see London. Now she’s out of money and living rough on the banks of the Thames.

Rich American playboy Scott left his Southern small town to explore the heady world of London’s social scene. Now it all feels a bit hollow after his boyfriend abandons him. He distracts himself by playing white knight for the homeless young woman he finds wailing at Finsbury Park Station. He’s convinced he can help Clotilde make a life for herself in London if she’ll just try a little therapy.

Their fragile friendship is challenged when a serial killer’s victims cause Clotilde to run sobbing for the river every time they pass through Finsbury Park. The killer believes that the wrath of the river spirits will cleanse London if he can offer enough blood sacrifices to draw them nearer. His cunning has kept the police from linking the murders so far. But no killer could foresee an American playboy and a Scottish bean nighetracing his victims to Finsbury Park Station.



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