Blog Review!!! Remembering Scotland by I J Stinington is Available NOW!!!




On the edge of a mental breakdown Macy decides to go on a holiday to Scotland. Without planning the whole trip, she spontaneously signs up for a bus tour. As the only tourist under the age of 50 she soon adapts, but starts to feel attracted to a local citizen who’s a little bit older than her. Could it be that this vacation will leave her with a guilty smile on her face?

Landing in Scotland, I found my world changed. After getting my luggage and hailing a cab, I was off to my hotel. I rolled down the windows and stared at the landmarks, as I remained in shock. “Whoa…” I mumbled, in utter disbelief that I had really just travelled that far for a vacation…alone.
When the taxi pulled in front of the hotel, I gave him some money, then got out and waited for him to get my luggage. “Thank you!” I said.
He nodded and then got in his cab and drove away. I grabbed my luggage and turned around when I bumped into someone on the sidewalk. “Oh, my dear…I’m sorry.”
He then looked at me and I blushed. “No. It’s my fault, I’m just clumsy.”
He grinned. He was at least thirty years older than me, with salt and pepper at his temples and then scattered throughout his dark waves. I gulped. The thing that got to me was his smile and his eyes and his chest that was barely peeking from under his shirt.
He tilted his head and gave me a curious look. “You alright, Miss?” he asked.


Crystal’s BookWorld Blog Review: 


Remembering Scotland was a steamy short erotica story. If you like to read short stories that will get your temperature rising, this will definitely work for you. Macy and David have a lot of instant chemistry. Talk about a get away to regroup. Letting out all of that sexual tension will definitely help Macy reset her mind and finish off her finals after this amazing trip. She and David just kept running into each other on the first day of being in Scotland. David is older, but he shows Macy he has all the right moves. The sexy scenes were HOT.

I would say that this was a great start for David and Macy. I agree with some of the other readers that this is a great opening for a full Novel. I want to know more of their background. What makes them really need to have this break? The writing was headed in the right direction. I felt that story was a little rushed, especially when Macy and her best friend were chatting. I see many more opportunities for Remembering Scotland. I felt like I was missing a piece in the story, but not sure what it was. 3.5 Stars!


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