You guys!!!! Have you heard about Mickey Miller’s newest book that released this week? It is HOT and I loved it. The Casanova Experience (Ballers Book Two) is now available! Check out my 5 Star Review below!

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A Bad Boy, Friends to Lovers Romance

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It was supposed to be just sex.

Thoroughly satisfying, mind-blowing, sweaty, animalistic love making.

Just a week, though.

We both agree to the no strings attached arrangement. I give Amy the best week of her life, show her what it’s like to be with a real man. And since she’s my old best friend, I go a step further and give her the full Casanova Experience.

Dancing out on the town. I’m wining and dining her. Giving her VIP tickets to my basketball games.

She thinks I’m just doing her a favor to make up for her past five years of shitty relationships. She thinks I haven’t been obsessing over her for the last five years. She thinks when I take her against a public bathroom wall, I’m not thinking about committing to her for life.

She’s wrong.

Now she’s telling me I’m the best she’s ever had.

There’s just one problem. Though we have a history as friends, she has no idea about my past. You don’t become Barcelona’s biggest Casanova without your fair share of skeletons in the closet.

I sure as hell have mine.

If I’m going to keep Amy, we are both in for one hell of a ride.

Buckle your seatbelts, folks. We’re about to encounter some turbulence in this flight to Europe.

**The Casanova Experience is an epic 95,000 word romance told in alternating points of view. It’s got a slow burn, lots of hot, sweaty scenes, and an HEA. It is Book Two in the Ballers series from Mickey Miller**


Crystal's BookWorld Blog

Amy and Chandler….GAH! They are hot and just so yummy together. Mickey Miller brought it a step further with The Casanova Experience and I loved it! Chandler is a sexy professional basketball player that never forgot about his spunky squirt! He He I loved that nickname for Amy. This story caught me from page one. I felt like we were given two stories in one. You get the best of the past colliding with the future. It was truly a great reading experience that is for sure.

If you have ready Mickey’s 1st book, Playing Dirty, you were introduced to Amy. But it is her time to be heard. We get an amazing insight to what makes Amy tick. The first part of this book gives you Amy’s story of her past. This is when she meets Chandler and their experiences and friendship grows in Barcelona. It was a great to get the full background of our new favorite characters. The friendship, the passion, the lust, and the sexiness just pours from these two. I knew when Chandler left, he would be back somehow.

When we get to the present day, I was laughing hard when Chandler runs into Amy on a flight back to Barcelona. It felt that a sense of coming back home when these two get find each other. Chandler just needs to figure a way to get Amy to agree to have some bedroom fun The sexy scenes are so HOT I had to walk away a time or two. But within a few seconds I was running back to my kindle. I hated that “life” got in the way a time or two LOL. But seriously, The Casanova Experience is not only a MUST READ, it is also definitely a RE-READ kind of book. This book deserves 10 Baller Stars!!!

About the Author:


Mickey is one of seven men who are members of the Romance Writers of America. He loves playing sports, performing improv, and pineapples. After trying his hand at screenwriting, he found his passion being one of a handful of guys who writes over-the-top contemporary romance novels. He lives in Chicago, IL and yes, his Grandmother knows what he does for a living. But she’s cool about it and keeps it on the DL.


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