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Love and War


Annette Fields

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 28th

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The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else, right?

Even if that someone else is a dirty, dominant cop with secrets?


I lost my job and my fiance in the same week, so a drink and a dirty f*ck
are exactly what I need. Liam, with his killer body and stern orders for me
to get on my knees, is the perfect one-night stand.

But when he cries out another woman’s name in his sleep, I’m out of there.
I don’t waste my time with cheaters.

Turns out Mr. Hot Night Stand is a cop. The very next night he saves my ass
when I stupidly trust someone from my past. Truth be told, I can’t stop
thinking about how much I want to feel his strong, protective arms wrap
around me. He’s like a drug and I can’t get enough.

I’m falling hard. But who in the hell is this woman whose named he called
out in bed? Can I trust that she’s really in his past? Sure Liam’s a cop,
but sometimes cops are the biggest liars of all…


I came to the bar to drown my sorrows, not take home a girl with tons of
baggage. But when I set eyes on Hazel–that dark hair, those green eyes,
her ripe dangerous curves–I forget everything else but getting her in my

When she kisses me, I’m hooked and can’t let go. When she begs me for more,
I open a world of pleasure she never knew existed.

It’s taken me three long years to rebuild my life. I lost everything. Hazel
is the first taste of sweetness I’ve had in a long time. And I don’t want
to let her go.

I’ll do anything to protect her, even if she doesn’t understand my reasons.
Being a cop has taught me about sacrifice. Even if doing the right thing
isn’t always what it seems…

Love and War can be enjoyed as a standalone novel or as Book 2 in my Small
Town Bad Boy series. No cheating, no cliffhangers and guaranteed HEA!




Liam’s voice was calm. It made me pause just for a split second. And then
his hand touched my face.

His fingers, gentle but firm, lifted my chin slowly to look at him. When
his eyes met mine, his fingers traced a path of heat along my jawline.

He said nothing but cupped the back of my neck and look at me curiously,
like he just wanted to observe me but wasn’t sure what to do. Our breath
mingled in mid air between us. I wondered if he felt the same intense,
crackling magnetism that I did.

And his lips fell to mine, completing the kiss that I wasn’t bold enough

My body responded like I didn’t have control of it. I closed my eyes and
savored his mouth, returning the pressure and adding the smallest flick of
my tongue.

This was what my body wanted, why it pulled me to him with magnetic force.

I couldn’t even remember the last time Johnny spontaneously kissed me. We
had been living like roommates for months. My body starved to be desired,
wanted, and lusted after.

I pushed the thought of Johnny out of my mind as I kissed Liam with more
passion, closing the distance between us. He groaned softly into my mouth
as I parted my lips to give way for his tongue to explore. As his arms
encircled my waist like two anacondas, I rested my hands on his massive
biceps, not feeling an ounce of fat under his skin.

He felt like a solid wall, rigid muscles dipping and rising, and strong
enough to crush me if he wanted to. But the darkness I sensed from him
wasn’t dangerous. The way he held me was firm and protective.

I felt safe.

And so insanely turned on.

Crystal's BookWorld Blog

I love Hazel and Liam! Love and War by Annette Fields is 5 golden stars book worthy. This book has the sass, sexiness, drama, and action all bundled in one! I was on a rush through out the book. I was able to read the book in one setting and block out the real world for awhile.

Hazel is so strong and is ready to take on what ever life has for her. Yes she had some problems thrown her way. She lost a dream job, her fiance (by his cheating ways), and had to move back to her home town. Her mother is ready to marry her off so she can give her grand babies. And when she is ready to forget for awhile and drown her sorrows with a little bit of liquor, she meets the most charming blue eyed man ever.

Liam is down right noble…Oh and sexy as sin in his Dominant way. He is always trying to do what is right. He has a past that haunts him and stays with him even in the present. On the 3rd anniversary from a horrific event, he finds a little bit of heaven with Hazel. All is right when these two get together. Hazel has found herself in tough spots that include her ex, and Liam is always there for her. They both have things they are battling, but both strive for a better life. Something to make them whole. Only thing is that Liam has some deep secrets that will surely come out. They are HUGE and I am not sure Hazel will understand. Do I have you wondering what is going on yet? Good. Now to find out if Hazel and Liam make it, get this book. I loved the action pack drama at the end, and you heart skips a beat many times. Annette Fields did a great job bring us this amazing story!



Annette Fields is a soft-spoken California girl with a big and filthy
imagination. She’s always daydreaming about her next hot bad boy story to
share with you, her readers!

Aside from writing fiery hot romance and lounging in the equally hot
California sun, Annette loves coffee, gin, and her bad boy husband.

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| Amazon Author Page  | Facebook | Newsletter



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