Release Day for Angel by Abby Gale is today!!!!

Angel (Club Nymph #2)


Abby Gale

Release Date: April 27, 2017

Genre: Dark Erotica

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Angel (Nymph Series #2) By Abby Gale is #Live

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I had a dream and a plan.

It was a risk but I got noticed.

I never thought the story I’ve chased would become my own reality.

A descent into darkness.

The signs were there, before it even happened.

I felt it and I should have run without looking back.

But I didn’t realize how deep and depraved it would become.

As the lines became blurred. I felt lost, but also found.

Was I selfish? Stupid? A victim?

Or was it simply my own special kind of sickness?

This is it. My monster. My enemy. My choice.

My story.

WARNING! This is dark erotic suspense. Story contains scenes of rape, abuse and violence which may be a trigger for some. It is intended for mature
readers of dark erotica. Please proceed with caution.

Angel Abby Gale Teaser 4.jpg



This is not a romance book and it definitely not pretty.

This book is dark, twisted, and wrong. It is melancholic, and fucked-up.

I have a hero you shouldn’t love.

I have a heroine you shouldn’t sympathize.

I have some scenes you don’t want to read.

I have some scenes you’ll be offended because you can’t resist the
temptation of keep reading it.

This book has nothing to do with unicorns, rainbows, heart, and flowers.

And I’m warning you…

If you read this book it is your choice, not mine.

Don’t forget that I warned you.

Angel Abby Gale Teaser 5.jpg


Violet (Nymph Club #1)



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