Release Day for Karen Raines. Control is now live!!! Have you started the Spiralling Ink series yet? If not you are missing out. These books have been the craziest emotional ride I have been on in a very long time! One-Click today <3


(Hayley’s Spiral)

(Spiralling Ink #3)


Karen Raines

Contemporary Romance

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“You see, I’ve been watching you since I came back. I’ve seen the way you
move people around as if they were all chess pieces to your queen…” his
hand slid across my belly and wound its way to my hip.

“But you see, you may well be the queen…” his hand smoothed over my arse,
his fingers digging tightly into my flesh. “But I’m the king.”

He yanked my body into his and finally removed his thumb from my mouth.

“You want to control someone? Try me Red.”

What do you see?

An attitude. A bitch. A scar.

I didn’t get this far by being the sweet one. I’m the party, the organiser,
the fun… the control.

But inside I’m slowly unravelling. The darkness bleeds into my soul,
threatening to devour me.

I won’t go down without a fight. I’ll need courage, honesty.

I will need… Him.

My name is Hayley – and this is my spiral.

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Crystal's BookWorld Blog

I read the first two books Loved and Strength and was just emotionally pulled to their stories. You can not read Control without the first two. Too much has happened and it helps with the background knowledge of this story. We lost Matty and it has left a physical and emotional scar within the circle of friends. Hayley’s scar that she sees day in and day out is a constant reminder of that night. She no longer knows what beauty is from the inside out. Until she meets her “One”. Del! He saves them both with the emotional support they both need and only find within each other.

Hayley is a feisty red head and always in need for control. With the previous books, I didn’t care too much for her character. In Control, my mind took a 180. I love Hayley and have to say she is my favorite from this group. A must read with this series. I will definitely re-read the next chance I can get. Thank you Karen Raines for bringing us another amazing story.



LOVED: Kit’s Spiral (Spiralling Ink #1)

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STRENGTH: Claire’s Spiral (Spiralling Ink #2)

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Karen has been a self confessed book addict for as long as she can
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When she’s not writing, she’s trying to keep up with her three wild
children and trading smack talk with her awesome husband (she always wins

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