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If you’ve never read a K. Bromberg book before, this is the perfect time to start. Sexy and sweet, The Player backs an emotional punch!Sensual man and woman  having sex in bedroom

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K. Bromberg hits a home run with The Player. As soon as I was done with the book my jaw hit the floor. Yes! I was floored away on how it ended. I am still in shock as I write this review. I completely did not see where the story was headed until the very last sentence! Oh I loved love loved The Player. This is a sports romance that is not like the others. You get a bit tired of sports romance because after awhile they all start to sound the same. The Player is incredible, sexy, and will make you laugh hard. The drama that unfolds with these characters will have you on the edge. These characters will stay near an dear to your heart.

Scout is my kind of girl. Personally I have a love for sports. I love being home and watching a good football, basketball, or baseball game. I love the rush you get when your team takes the win at the last second. That is what I find within Scout. She has a huge heart for the game. Her downside is that she has a lot to learn from and not be so afraid of love.

Easton is not your typical arrogant hot MVP. Oh he has his swagger and is a hot shot, but he has the heart that will burn you down to your soul. He had a tough life and it just gets tougher now that he is trying to make a come back from an injury. All things happen for a reason, and this was just fate intervening to bring Scout into his life.

These two have chemistry and love that blows it out of the park. They tried to fight their feelings, but the more they try to resist, the stronger the pull is. I love the fact that Easton has great moves off the field and behind close doors. Those scenes were scorching hot! I can not wait for book two coming out in the summer. Ladies and Gentlemen you will surely love this new sports romance novel from K. Bromberg! I am still in awe ❤



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