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Before the sun rises, another will die.

A woman is found murdered on the grounds of the powerful Everette family’s estate. Then someone begins methodically killing off members of the Everette family one by one.

Detective Ryan Xander’s only inroad to the secretive family is Sofia Everette. Shunned by her father for her refusals to obey him, and battling a mysterious illness, Sofia’s childhood dreams may be the key to saving her life and stopping the killer from exterminating the entire Everette clan.

** All my books contain issues of sexual assault *


Crystal's BookWorld Blog

I have been itching to read book two of Jane Blythe’s Count to Ten series that I had to just stop everything I was doing for a day or two to read this book! I was intrigued with One that I knew that Two was going to blow me away. I was not wrong! This is what I love about the author’s writing…I can not predict anything right. I need the challenge. Yes this book has a few issues that are touchy. But, if you like to read suspense, thrillers, and mysteries than you are in for a treat. This book is separate from One and there is a different killer on the loose.  A killer with a vendetta against a family. 

Ryan became my heart in this story. He is the lead investigating the murders going on in their town. Sofie has a good soul. She has been sick and she still will put others above hew own needs. She has noticed Ryan in all the charity events she hosts. Once Sofie’s family is targeted, she finally shows Ryan her true feelings. The sparks fly and you root for these two since the beginning. Ryan holds back a bit due to something that happened to him in the past. With Sofie, Ryan is starting to feel alive again. 

The suspense killed me! I had so many people as a suspect it was getting insane. Once we found out who was the serial killer, my jaw hit the floor. Secrets get revealed and I was spinning. This story was amazing and will keep you hooked through and through. This is THE book for you if you need a good thriller/suspense to read.


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