12 Inches is LIVE!!! Get your HOT copy today!!! Blog Review Included <3

Title: 12 Inches 

Author: Alexis Angel 

Genre: Romance 


I got a footlong. And it tastes so good. 

You wanna tame Aidan Stone, you’re laboring in vain, darlin’.

There’s no way any woman alive can get over my body. My Greek God body, with my 8-pack abs and bedroom eyes.

Abby Cleveland thinks she can change me.

Make me less of a playboy. More responsible. Take my hard-partying, womanizing ways and make me into a pillar of respectability.

Well, good luck to her.

Because it’s me that’s going to change her.

I’m going to open up a whole new world for her. 

Make her see things she never dreamt possible. Change the way she sees the world.

I’m going to do it by using my body.

I’ll let you guess what part…

**Come join Alexis Angel in this full-length standalone romance. No cliffhanger but it’s going to be a scorcher with scenes of MF, MFMM, and very mild FMF. HEA? You know it, babe.**

Crystal's BookWorld Blog

 If you are looking for a hot, erotic, and steamy romance, then I recommend 12 inches by Alexis Angel! This book made me quiver with each page turned. I seriously felt like my eyes were permanently glued to this boook. The sexy time scenes get so intense you need to be in front of an A/C to cool down. If you read the blurb, you know you are in for a yummy ride. But it gets so much better! You get so much drama and scandal too!

Abby and Aidan are down right delicious together. I love that Abby is learning to find herself again. She can see that her books and stories are not what they use to be and feels that this is the main reason for her book sales to fall. What she does not know is that she was being underhanded. By who and how? Well you will find out once you get this book! Aidan is our male model for Romance books. At the beginning he is caught in a scandalous situation (or position) which makes his career a mess. He needs to find something that will keep him from going back as a personal trainer that he just down right hates. When Aidan and Abby connect, they are instantly attracted to each other. The things Aidan does to Abby are sinful! Abby becomes bold and returns the favor and you have a hot combination.

What I love about this story line is that it is unique. When you read this book its just magical how you are emotionally involved. I can not recommend this book enough. The things that Abby and Aidan do are imprinted in my mind and downright dirty! You will love it!

Alexis Angel writes steamy contemporary romance about bad boys for the bad girl in all of us. 
She is still single at 30, in case anyone is interested to know, and still very much looking for love. 
Her favorite things in the world are flowers, chocolate, lingerie, high heels, lipstick, perfume, and the credit card award miles that she gets from buying all that. 
Prior to writing, Alexis used to be a financial analyst in New York City. She quickly decided that working for a faceless corporation run by men was not her dream job. So she began to write. And as she began to write, she began to use those credit card award miles to travel all over the world. 
Alexis is still single, in case you forgot from above. She spends winters in California, fall and spring in New York City, and summers in Europe. 
You can join her mailing list at http://eepurl.com/csXC2P or email her atauthor.alexisangel@gmail.com 

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