Ransom is now LIVE!!! Blog Review included <3

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RANSOM By Logan Chance & Jacob Chance

Release Blitz

Release Date: March 23rd

Hosted by: Chance Promotions

Now Live

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Blood by birth – Brothers by choice

Aces & Eights Motorcycle Club is all they’ve known for the past twelve
years. They live hard, bound by the code of brotherhood.

Liam Fox: Vice President of Aces & Eights

Height: six foot one inchRansom Teaser 3a.jpg

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: brown

Alias: Lo

Rory Fox: Sergeant at Arms of Aces & Eights

Height: six foot one inch

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: hazel

Alias: Knuckles

The ladies know them as: Dominant males to submissive females, erotic,
dirty talking, alpha male, bad boy, lumberjacks of all trades with no known
accidental pregnancies or babies with the last name Fox.

Just kidding…

What they’re really known for is riding, fighting, whiskey and women. With
the brotherhood, they never have to standalone.

Aces & Eights is about to face their toughest enemy and play out the
Dead Man’s hand.

Ransom Teaser 4.jpg


The Brothers Chance


Crystal's BookWorld Review_


Ransom by the Chance Brothers blew me away!!! Jacob and Logan Chance have written some pretty amazing books. Together they did a great job with this book.

Ransom will bring your drama, suspense, “Hold Your Breathe” moments! This book will be one of my favorite MC books for a long while. Ransom definitely has room to grow. We have Rory & Liam’s POV. We have Audrey and Fallon, the love interests of these two. The men are gritty and take no prisoners kind of guys. They are loyal to their brothers in the Aces and Eights MC. The raw emotions brought to you are out of this world. There are things these men will do and have no remorse. They are justified in their own way.

I have never really been into a big MC novel. But Jacob and Logan have me wanting more. i’m curious what will happen next. The Chance Brothers know what they are doing and bring us a HOT story that will have you panting for more!!!

Ransom Teaser 2.jpg


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