Good Morning! I wanted to share with you all an amazing website to check out for book lovers!!!! Giveaway Included <3

📚👀#mybookfinds 📚👀
Love books? then you will love mybookfinds 💟.
The new place where you can find
all your book deals, bargains and where
#Authors can promote their work
Visit their website and start saving ✅ ⬇

More about the company…⬇
MyBookFinds is the first offering of the PubRocket, LLC formed in Mid 2015 and headquartered in Massachusetts. Having spent many years around wonderful authors we kept hearing the same message about the need for a credible and consistent means for authors to promote their work which was not being fully satisfied today. We also have spent time at trade shows, signings and book fairs amazed by the appetite for eBooks by some awesome readers whose passion for new and exciting content inspires us. MyBookFinds seeks to bring authors and readers together by offering free and bargain reads through email and other popular social media outlets.


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